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Award-winning photographer Seth Casteel came up with the idea for Underwater Dogs when he was trying to photograph a dog named Buster who wouldn’t stop jumping in the pool. His photos soon became the best selling photography book of 2012.


This is a reminder that members of marginalized groups are NEVER obligated to engage with or debate privileged people who are attempting to “play devils advocate” with our oppression.  What is, for them, an interesting philosophical game and topic which their privilege allows them disconnect from, is for us a deeply-seated and immensely emotional part of our history and it is virtually impossible to access those stories without interacting with the pain it has caused us.  “Debating” oppression that has been directly experienced can be deeply wounding and emotionally exhausting.  You do not owe privileged people a debate or proof or education about your oppression.  Your history and story belong to you and no one else.

Customer Service Problem #34


Unpleasant customers who complain and say they’d rather go somewhere else.


Bread lady needs to go.

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Anonymous whispered,

When I'm writing a story, I tend to google the desired characteristics of my characters/apartments/cities and look for an image that really connects with me for the given traits I typed in. Is it wrong to save these images to look at for inspiration while I'm writing, or should I always just conjure the character up in my head?


Web-Searched Images for Inspiration

I think it’s fine, particularly since it’s for private use. You might potentially run into issues if you use the images publicly without permission or re-upload them unsourced, but I don’t see an issue with saving images for your own personal reference with no malicious intent. If you do end up needing to source them, though, and don’t know the original source, you could always try a google image search. You just upload the image and it should find where it’s from.

We actually have a tag for character inspiration so definitely not against looking at people and places for inspiration. I also keep story inspo tags on my personal full of info and images.

So yes, no worries!

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every show immediately becomes better when you headcanon most/all of the characters as queer


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